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Joanna Bavero received her MFA at Stony Brook University in 2014 and her BFA from Savannah College of Art and Design in 2007.

Joanna has shown in both group and solo exhibitions in galleries such as Gristle Gallery in Brooklyn, NY, The Cotton Candy Machine in Brooklyn, NY, The Richard Demato Gallery in Sag Harbor, NY, Gallery North, (curated by Phillip Pearlstein) in East Setauket, NY, The Angel Orensanz Foundation for Contemporary Art in New York City and The Paul Zuccaire Gallery in Stony Brook, NY. She has been featured in publications and online galleries such as the International Emerging Artist Awards, Studio Visit Magazine and Direct Art Magazine.  Bavero is a member of the Grrrl Art Collective with other featured artists such as Linnea Strid, Brandi Read and Gigi Chen.

Artist Statement

My work is comprised of both large and small-scale drawings and paintings that strive to create a sense of tension and unease amidst images of beauty and pleasure. Each piece aims to challenge and confront the viewer with their own biases as to what they find socially acceptable regarding female sexuality and the stigma surrounding one’s right to express themselves with that sexuality. It is emotionally charged and highly personal work stemming from life events and experiences around rape and sexual abuse.

I work on an unconventional surface, drawing and painting directly on plexiglass. By frosting the plexi by hand, I am able to control which parts of the piece are opaque while leaving other areas transparent and reflective. Conceptually, this reflection lends itself to the voyeuristic nature of the artwork by allowing a viewer to catch a glimpse of oneself in the piece.

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